key milestones

  • in march 2017

    infimind was founded by a team with main members from artificial intelligence laboratory of tsinghua university.

  • in july 2017

    infimind secured angel funding from gsr ventures.

  • in august 2018

    aifashion open platform was launched to offer one-stop ai technology and data services for fashion industry.

  • in november 2018

    infimind garnered pre-series a round of funding of more than 10 million yuan from mfund.

  • in september 2019

    infimind obtained the series a round of funding of more than 100 million yuan from sequoia capital, and turing ventures, etc.

  • in december 2019

    ecpro, a saas system based on ai image recognition technology was introduced to help apparel e-commerce enterprises intelligently launch their new products with one click .

  • in march 2020

    third anniversary of the infimind,ai is eternal

  • in march 2017
  • in july 2017
  • in august 2018
  • in november 2018
  • in september 2019
  • in december 2019
  • in march 2020
who we are

infimind, founded in 2017, is an ai technology and solution provider in the fashion industry. with a large amount of fashion data and world leading computer vision algorithms and engineering capability, we are committed to bringing the vision of “fashion for good” to life, making fashion cooler.

all of our founding team members came from state key laboratories of artificial intelligence and network, such as the state key laboratory of intelligent technology and systems at the department of computer science and technology, tsinghua university. in addition, our consultant team consists of professors from top universities at home and abroad, including tsinghua university, renmin university of china, mit, stanford university, and national university of singapore, to name just a few. we have raised more than 100 million yuan in the a-round financing from well-known institutions such as sequoia capital, gsr ventures, mfund and turing ventures,.

core team members
  • wu bain    ceo
    wu bain is the founder and ceo of infimind. he graduated from the department of computer science and technology of tsinghua university with a bachelor’s degree and from the state key laboratory of intelligent technology and systems with a master’s degree, as well as a certificate of excellent graduate from the big data research center. during his study in tsinghua university, he participated in the 973 program and 863 program for many times. he has won many prizes and awards, including beijing u30 outstanding youth, the sme leading talents program of the ministry of industry and information technology, and the 2019 edition of forbes china’s 30 under 30 list, and 2020 edition of forbes asia’s 30 under 30 list.
    wu bain    ceo
  • xu zhen    cto
    xu zhen is the co-founder and cto of infimind, with a bachelor’s degree from the department of computer science and technology, tsinghua university, and a master’s degree from its institute of computer networks. he conducted researches on distributed processing and intelligent computer in the china pla gsd 56th research institute, and won the second prize of the award for progress in military science and technology. he has many years’ experience of working in e-commerce big data and ai.
    xu zhen    cto
  • li chao    cmo
    li chao, msc in finance, renmin university of china, once worked as the business vice president of yi , and managed business teams of microsoft china and qihoo 360. he has rich experience in business negotiation and abundant resources in apparel retail industry.
    li chao    cmo
strategic cooperation
honors and accolades
in february
infimind won the first place in alibaba’s fashionai global challenge preliminary.
in july
infimind won the excellent case award in nvidia’s startups gpu application competition.
in august
infimind was selected in the first batch of’s ai accelerators.
in november
wu bain, ceo of infimind was included in the recipients of youth innovation — zhongguancun u30 award.
in december
infimind became one of the top 20 startups with the highest investment value in 2018.

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