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Frequent Asked Questions

Call our offices at
877-320-0476 to talk with a professional grant writer.

What do I have to do?

There are 3 easy steps to retaining NextLevel’s  services:

It is that simple!

And After Payment:

What do I get in the training?

Web Based Course - How to write a grant.

For grant writers or aspiring grant writers who have access to the Internet as you clearly do, we are pleased to present a unique interactive on-line grant writing class where you produce a real or hypothetical grant proposal. This course takes you step by step from idea generation to the finished proposal.

Each assignment will be critiqued by our staff and you can incorporate our suggestions in your final product.

From novice to expert, grant writers will learn the ins and outs of successful grant writing and how to find funding. Our open enrollment policy lets you work at your own pace. There are special features like 24 hour e-mail to the instructor, "Around the Watercooler" chat room, and other features including six months of free follow-up on proposals generated in the class. The following is a list of topics covered in the course:

[ Module I ]
Getting ready to write, diagnosing the skills, abilities and resources of each student. Conducting a needs assessment and developing fundable idea (s). Developing preliminary templates and introducing the resource package.

[ Module II ]
Modern research techniques. Finding, connecting and understanding sources--federal, state, local foundation, corporation, and individuals.

[ Module III ]
Part one of writing the grant, including stating the problem, developing a method, creating a timetable and work plan.

[ Module IV ]
Part two of writing the grant, including refining a timetable and work plan, staffing, evaluation, and final products.

[ Module V ]
Building a budget, creating a model spending plan, sub-contracting, determination of indirect, overhead, and administrative charges.

[ Module VI ]
Finishing touches, packaging the proposal, lobbying the funding source, proposal modifications and augmentations.

When & Where do these trainings happen?

They happen online. If you are interested in joining us in this practical and interactive educational journey, please see our student information form.  If you have further questions, please contact us.

When the training is over, what will I have?

You'll have at least the following...

Why should your organization work with a firm like Next Level's?

There are many benefits to contracting the services of a professional grant writing company like firm like NextLevel’s? Instead of paying for the high cost of a full-time grant writer, with an average salary range of anywhere from $65,000 to over $150,000 per year, "outsourcing" services when you need them could quickly save you thousands of dollars. It is also extremely hard to find professional writers. By contracting with NextLevel, you are guaranteed to work with only the best professionals in the country.

We have found through our own hiring practices that about 95% of those who apply to be grant writers are really not professionals at all. Therefore, we are very selective in our hiring process. Writing 5 to 20 grants does not make one a professional grant writer. That can only be accomplished with a long-time, proven track record of award success. At NextLevel’s, we often say that "fixing a broken sink a few times does not make you a plumber." Interestingly, the same goes for grant writing.

Are these things I should know of when choosing a grantwriting consultant?

Yes, here are some common things to listen for...

Many inexperienced grant writers will attempt to charge a client based on commission as paid from the grants themselves. Not only is this illegal, but it could get your organization in a great deal of trouble.

Other grant writers claim that they can write one magic proposal and submit it to hundreds of funders for a single fee. This approach to grant writing is completely ineffective and is a waste of the client’s time and money.

Every grantor has its own set of application guidelines and every grant must be originally and specifically written for that funder with few exceptions. There are even grant writers who have the client fill out lengthy questionnaires and then use this information to comprise the proposal.

A professional writer should be the one to develop the grant - after all, isn't this what the client pays for? We believe that our clients use our services to avoid having to take the time to fill out extensive documents. Our consultants can acquire the information they need to develop your grant proposal during a few phone calls or office visits. Illegal and ineffective approaches to grant writing can quickly cost your organization a great deal of time and money. Why risk it?

What if I only need some of your services?

We provide you with ONLY the things you need...By contracting with NextLevel, you will only pay for relevant, appropriate services that are most likely to result in large dollar, multi-year, sustainable grant awards for your organization. Our business formula has always been "successful grant = successful client = our success as a service company." We will walk you through the entire grant development process and only recommend what is in your best interest - financially and programmatically.

How much of my staff time will this require?

Our goal is to reduce your staff involvement in the grantwriting process by: